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Dear world.

December 28, 2009
Photo Peter Mozsynski

First post. Feels like a pretty special moment, so I have decided to kick off this blog with an all time favourite image of mine: this super cool guy of the Nuba People in Sudan, just going about his day, doing his thing. I just love him. I love the fact that he is clearly stoked on his look: Sunnies? Check. Stiff beanie with tassel? Check. Pole weapons? Check, check, check and check. Wicked sandals? Oh yeah, check.

I guess I have such a soft spot for him because there’s more than a hint there of a lot of the things I’m interested in, stuff that inspires me and that I want to write about: amazing people, cultural identity, creativity.

And he makes me think about how me and him are connected, and if the choices I make will impact on him or his kids in any way, good or bad.

Other things I think about a fair bit is beauty in small things, and craft and good design. Making things or fixing them if they break. Walking confidently in your chosen direction. How to choose a direction. Big life stuff, but also super nerdy things like my random collections of daggy stuff; tinsel, fly swats, snowglobes accidentally gone wrong… (ahh. I can feel another post coming up…). Stuff that clutters and makes me laugh and kind of defines who I am in some small way, because it tells about the world as I see it.

All this is stuff that already kicks around inside my head, and in my sketchbooks and my studio and on the floor, but that I too often lose track of and get confused about and forget, and so it goes nowhere and nothing happens. Which I’m not happy about, because I’d like to use my creativity for something good.  So now I’ll try and put it here, with proper headings and links and tags, and I guess we’ll see what happens.  Maybe I’ll just have fun along the way. Or maybe, maybe I’ll find something.

(In any case, watch this space for an update on my own version of those wicked up-cycled tyre sandals!)


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