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Goodbye 2009

December 31, 2009

Time again to disassemble the inspiration wall and make room for 2010.

A few of my favorites:Three Australias: lovely plastic templates. But don’t scoff, a certain creativity still required: look closely in the Western Australian desert, just south of Broome where the manufacturer has printed “NOTE: TASMANIA TO BE DRAWN FREE HAND”. Well, I can probably do that, but I wonder how half a million Tasmanians feel about it?

A hand sewn bag i picked up in an op-shop in Bordeaux on my honeymoon; love the spider and the vicious…baby monkey?

A sprig of seaweed I found on a beach along the Great Ocean Road, the zig-zag parts and the berries are so perfect

Reassuring advice from a reliable source.

A newspaper clipping of a photograph I find breathtakingly beautiful on so many levels. Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen shot it in 2000 while traveling Russia: Villagers collecting scrap from a crashed spacecraft, surrounded by white butterflies.

An exhibition flyer to a show by Adam Lester

A drawing of worms me and my son did together

A bird-jug cutout watercolor by my multitalented friend Sandra

Buttons I found at a junk yard we happened upon somewhere in France; it was the size of a smaller country, ridiculously over prized for being in the middle of nowhere, and run by a couple of clever junkies. (They got me! I mean, my Francs).

A mask my husband made from a receipt while on stop-over in Singapore; can’t even remember why, but It fits really well and I’m very fond of it (and him)

A drawing on acetate I did for a screen printed kids tee

And last, a lovely image; expensive couture but it’s got such an indigenous feel (and Yoko Ono in it!).

See you next year!

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  1. January 13, 2010 8:12 pm

    Anna, I’m so happy of seeing your inspiration wall again, it is always so interesting!
    I was just introduced to your blog this morning and already I can’t wait for more.
    Love Liv

  2. January 13, 2010 9:17 pm

    Hey Liv,
    thanks! I’ d lost you and I couldn’t find you again though searching…so thank you so much for getting in touch! I love the photos of the sparrows outside your window.
    Very beautiful.
    xx Anna


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