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Tiny treasures

January 21, 2010

A friend just sent me a link to a website called Tiny Showcase, upon which I instantly pulled out the old credit card and purchased this wicked artwork, a limited print of Matt LaFleur‘s Garage.

Tiny Showcase started out in 2004 wanting to create a forum and community to showcase some of their (ridiculously talented) artist friends. Each week they pick a new piece of tiny artwork and turn it into a limited-run print production which is up for sale. And additionally: a percentage of the money from each print sold will go to a charity of the artist’s choosing – The Tomorrow Fund, working to ease the traumatic emotional effects of childhood cancer, will receive $250 from the sales of Matt’s artworks.

When I first saw their backlog of artworks (that I’ve missed out on) I nearly fainted, but since today famously is the first day of the rest of my life, I’ll now sign up to their email list (as soon as I’ve stopped crying).

If you are equally unfortunate not to have been on their case, here’s a small percentage of what you’ve missed:

August Migration by Tyler Stout

Kit 02 by Andreas Samuelsson

White Noise in the Deep Sea by Jack Hudson

Los Angeles Electric Isle by Brooks Salzwedel

The Fire Breather by Tim Gough

Mississippi by Jennifer Davis

Caged Bird by Penelope Dullaghan

(I’ve cheekily borrowed all the images from their website – please credit Tiny Showcase and the artists if you intend on re-blogging some…)

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