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Oh well, you’ve got to try

January 23, 2010

Last night I found out about a t-shirt design competition held by the Social Store Community Storenvy, with $8 from the sales of each tee going to the Red Cross’s earthquake relief work in Haiti. With only a couple of hours left til deadline I decided to submit a design.

Unfortunately it turned out so bad that even the diplomatic husband told me he hated it, and as it was met with total silence from the good people at Storenvy, I’m assuming they felt the same way.

So clearly I can’t show it to you, however I can disclose this  much: the little possum up the top featured, as did a kangaroo (with a single tear on her cheek) lending the little guy an outstretched/helping hand to get down from his stranded position. (Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?) Well this morning when I saw the designs that actually made it to the finals I realized they were looking for something slightly more…i don’t know…normal?

Anyways, if you’re quick you can vote for your favourite design which will be printed (unless, of course, your favourite by freak chance happens to be my design, in which case it won’t be printed) or buy a t-shirt here.

Better luck (to me) next time.

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