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March 8, 2010

Sometimes i really like the visual conversations two images strike up when they are allocated seats next to each other. I keep little plastic pocket books for all the random images I collect and most of the time they go in with no thought to their relationship. Leaving some room for chance in a project, I find, keeps it fresh, and often a small unexpected outcome might trigger a whole new train of thought or point to a more creative solution to the problem.

All these coolios laughing at the mountaineers faltering under thinning air; that’s NOT FUNNY, guys!

This urban road-worker whose pants are mirrored by the pristine beauty of an unpolluted creek.

This guy: all arms, but no shirt!

Connections, connections…Intranet vs (a microscopic simplified version of the) Internet (visualized by Black Bread MoldMagnified, as the picture points out).

And what’s this? Tyre tracks? Will you step out of the vehicle please ladies?

And here is someone who seems to have bumped into someone they know: “How’re you doing? Good?”  “Yeah, Bro! Gimme five!”

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