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A small machine with a big mission

April 13, 2010

Eight years ago founder of the MIT Media Lab Nicholas Negroponte visited a remote Cambodian village and experienced first-hand how connected laptops transformed the lives of children and their families. It made him think “If every child in the world had access to a computer, what potential could be unlocked? What problems could be solved?”

He went on to found One Laptop per Child, a not-for-profit, and created the XO laptop, a learning tool designed and built especially for kids in developing countries.

XO’s mission is to create educational opportunities for the world’s poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power laptop with content and software designed for children to encourage exploration, creativity, and collaboration. It is the size of a small textbook with built-in wireless and a screen that is readable under direct sunlight (to cater for children who go to school outdoors) – and statistic shows that school attendance increases dramatically in areas where the XO is distributed, as the children begin to open their minds and explore their own potential. One by one, a new generation is emerging with the power to change the world.

Want to be part of it? If you can spare some cash, donate one, otherwise maybe or get involved some other way?

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