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About me

I am not a doctor, so I can’t join Medecins Sans Frontieres. Not a lawyer so I can’t do that kind of incredibly important humanitarian work. Not a politician so I wasn’t invited to Copenhagen in December. I am an artist and designer, feeling increasingly worried about the state of the world, and unhappy with my own inability so far to contribute positively and do something that feels truly worthwhile.

I decided to write this blog in order to find out whether I can use my skills – and my voice – to really make it a better place, in ways that matter. I believe that art and design can change the world – they do, all the time. So I’m writing to educate myself on creative ways to combat climate change, poverty, inequality (and consumerism, boredom and sameness); to share my journey and to get inspired through looking at what other people are doing.

I think inspiration is key. If you’re inspired, you can do anything.

If you want to get an idea of the kind of stuff that interests me and that I write about, have a look at my first post. Some people would probably say it’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast – bloggers should keep to one topic – but I couldn’t do that. Life is not that structured and simple; in fact its much too wonderful and rich, and the challenges facing us are too big, to get hung up on etiquette.

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So speak to you soon, then?

Oh, yeah, and the woman up the top is me.

No, just kidding. She’s Woobinda, Animal Doctor. I’m really no oil painting. But I do live in Australia, so cuddling a kangaroo from time to time is all in a days work.


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